I admit I bought this for the 23-something minutes of group improv alone. That said, lots of energy developed on that middle section solo section on “Doctor Diamond.” It reminds me so much of the insanely fast solo section in the middle of Mahavishnu Orchestra’s “Trilogy” on their live “Between Nothingness and Eternity” album. The latest KC lineup should do “Diamond.” It would be fun to hear Mel play that quick violin riff. (Talking about Mahavishnu, the crescendo to Robert’s beautifully building solo on “Easy Money” reminds me of John McLaughlin solo on “Emergency.” Didn’t I read somewhere that’s one of Robert’s favorite guitar solos?) The Improv I is similar to “Trio” with sections of John playing/strumming the “Trio” chords on his bass. You can hear splashes of riffs, chords, and ideas in this improv coming from various songs in the rest of the set, almost like an overture. Lovely moments. Improv II alone is worth the price of this download. It peaks with Wetton, Bruford, and Cross shrieking and pounding underneath Fripp’s madhouse sustained mellotron chords . Very similar to the mellotron-heavy crescendos in “Devil’s Triangle.” Unfortunately the last verse of “Book of Saturdays” is cut off, which I think would have included David’s violin. The weak sound quality loses much of John’s gorgeous bass passages underneath Robert’s guitar, but I had on decent headphones and I could get the gist of what was going on. People can argue the prettiest stuff in the KC repertoire, but to me John’s melodic, moving bass line on this song underpinning Robert’s and David’s playing was consistently the loveliest part of the live shows. Great musicianship throughout. Yeah you just have to accept the muddy sound quality but after a minute or two, all you’ll care about is the playing here.