In The Court of The Crimson King is an album that, firstly needs no review and secondly cannot be truly described so I'll just say a few personal things about it. It was a cold january day of 2010 when I first listened to this album. At first, I was so involved I didn't know what to think (forgive me). After the album finished I got a weird, amazing sensation I had just listened to an album that was about to change my life. Although the first King Crimson album I heard was Lizard, ITCOTCK was an album that introduced me to a band like no album ever has (although I DO OWE to Lizard as much as I do to ITCOTCK). From the absolute frenzy of Schizoid Man, to the unspeakably beautiful I Talk To The Wind, to the outrageously underrated Moonchild (the improvisational and much maligned second part is a beauty in itself), to the sad and depressing Epitaph and finaly the grandiose and interesting title track, the album never looses it's purpose: to enthrall, enrich, mesmerize and utterly confuse the listener. ITCOTCK is an album that has a very special place in music history and while it's not my favourite KC album (as a matter of fact one of my least favourite, if that even makes sense), it's a wonder that such a masterpiece even exists. How a band could produce such a powerful, lucid and mystifying first album is beyond my comprehension. Something magical must have happened back in 1969.