Starting out with “Book of Saturday” is interesting, I’m more accustomed to hearing them begin the evenings with one of the high energy rockers. The more reserved start to the setlist leaves the following improv with a rather delicate atmosphere to it at first, but the rhythm section quickly gets bored, deciding to bring the energy up several notches, and the rest of the band cannot help but follow. John adds an extra vocal verse onto the end of the vocal section of “Exiles” and has some particularly inspired delivery for it. The improv after Easy Money sounds like it has Fripp playing around with a tape loop machine at the beginning? Interesting! It doesn’t last long, tho, with the improv descending into an uncomfortable blurry mess of sound that is rather impressive when you realize that it’s being made with traditional instruments, tho still nearly like nails on a chalkboard to me. It trails off into a long section with just some trumpet blasts for a good long while, long enough that the audience got bored and it turned into a call and response section, with a punter yelling each time the trumpet horn blasted. This was the band’s way of transitioning into the bass+trumpet beginning of The Talking Drum, making the whole thing effectively the longest Talking Drum I’ve heard. Jamie adds quite a racket in Larks II, wish there was video! And of course, it’s awesome hearing Jamie play on Schizoid Man, that didn’t happen very many times. Altogether, great gig despite poor audio quality, I give it a 4.