Duke Energy Centre For The Performing Arts

Coming between the busy clatter of the Drumsons in full-flight and the pulverising force of Breathless at Raleigh, The Letters at first glance appears to offer a quieter, more reflective space for the audience’s ears. Well, not for long. The middle section, dominated by Mel’s baritone sax quickly builds up and amidst the gale-force turbulence generated by the frenzied octet, threatens to blow the doors off the place.
The Letters
Written by Jordon Cohen
I am not one of many words but I have been a fan for a long time and this incarnation was an incredible experience. It was a powerhouse lineup with just music - no light production needed. The venue acoustics were great and the audience was completely respectful. The first set kept going and going! Fallen Angel -> Epitaph had me crying. When the set finally ended to a flurry-ful LTIAII, my wife thought it was the end of the show! I said "Not so fast! Brace yourself for the second set!" and it w...
Written by Grant Booth
Life long Fan! When I went through Basic Training 34 years ago, the song the kept going through my head was "Two Hands"
This event in Raleigh was for more than a "show". It was an experience that I shall never forget. My wife , who sings opera, is now an instant fan, although she has heard me play King Crimson these past 29 years.. What can you say about "Red" ? it needs to be experienced. King Crimson care enough to deliver the very best. and for my first seeing them after 40 plus years of listening to them, let's just say that I was transported along with everyone else, into a realm that defies comparison. ...
Written by Marc Chambers
A Word of Warning
There is a very real danger that comes with the decision to be an attentive audient at a live performance by this incarnation of King Crimson: you may come to feel that any moment not spent at such a perfomance is a moment wasted. Bravo, gentlemen. Bravo.
Written by Michael Shockley
Thank you for a phenomenal experience!
I was thrilled to see that y'all were coming to Raleigh as part of the tour. When I told my wife,she agreed to come with me "to see what all the fuss is about " (She's been a "second hand " llistener for 32+ years now). Never having witnessed a live King Crimson event, we could not have imagined the spectacle that awaited. I went on a KC fast for about 30 days that was designed to give me "fresh ears". I'm so glad that I did - this made the experience all the more meaningful for both of us. ...