This is a review of the concert featured in the "On and off the road" box set. Great performance of the band, the band seems to be really tight on this show, and this reflects on the enjoyment of the concert as you can see (on the video version) that they are really having a good time. I really like a lot Tony's performance on this show, he seems to be really spot on, as always but with something extra that only if you listen/see this show you might get to appreciate, I still get shivers when listening to the bass line on The Sheltering Sky just before Adrian begins his guitar synth parts. Only downside is that the video version on the box set is incomplete and missing some great songs, it would have been really interesting to see this show as complete as possible and easily I would have preferred it over the other videos from the era. So five stars for the audio version, 4 stars for the video in the "On and off the road" box set.