Posted by Sid Smith on Dec 1, 2015

Here’s a revealing exchange that sheds light on the mentality of some fans and their willful disregard for the wishes of the band or the potential fall-out and repercussions of their actions.

Even after posting polite signs around the venue and a polite and friendly request from the band not to take photographs during King Crimson’s concerts there are some who inexplicably feel that such appeals might apply to others but not to them.

Step forward Daniela Pagliuca who added her gallery of snaps of KC playing at Hackney Empire onto her Facebook account with this explanation.

Good evening everybody. First of all, I respect your position and I want to apologise for the inconvenience that this picture may have caused to you. It was not in my intention. And I also recognize I didn’t follow the rules of the theatre. But my aim was only to catch a beautiful moment in my life, to bring it to life in my memories and to share it with people that have the same enthusiasm and passion. I’m not a professional photographer and I don’t even take advantage from my pictures but only the pleasure to share the best moment in life. That’s what each of us do (or should do) on this “social” network! Neither I own any rights on the picture, as well as I can’t own a beautiful sunset I can fix with a shot. The watermark has the only function of a distinctive feature.Moreover, I enjoyed every single note of that memorable concert, and I’m quite sure I didn’t bother the audience’s amusement, neither the musicians’ concentration. Or better…not more than the countinuous coming and going of people between the bar and the toilet during the show, including some physiological burps…Finally, I’m really surprised of your consideration, I don’t deserve it, I mean for this picture. There are many other worthwhile topics, and disturbing pictures in this moment that require our indignation. In my picture I only see one of the most beautiful and bright sides of the human species: playing music. It should always bring people closer and connect the souls. Especially in these days. And the freedom to enjoy a concert and share pictures and feelings should be the expression of a tolerant and highly civilized world.I take this opportunity to thank you for this show. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life! All the best!Daniela

Occasional guestbook commentator Errol Tout observed “The point is that you were specifically asked NOT to photograph the show. Yet you ignored the request....didn't you think it applied to you?”

Ms. Pagliuca: “I'm aware of this as I recognized...but I also think that some rules are too strict and pointless and that I didn't do harm to nobody...so, please, please, forgive me!”

The exchange caught the attention of one of King Crimson’s guitarists.

RF: Ms. Paglialuca clearly has no notion of the damage she has done. Forgiveable, yes. Excusable, no. Much as one may be reasonable, present the clear statement that this behaviour disturbs at least one member of KC to the extent that they have to leave the stage, where we lack the fundamental courtesy to engage with a performer's necessity - Some rules are too strict! and it didn't do harm to anyone, not even Fripp regardless of his public statements in this regard for at least three and a half decades! and even so, what do i care because there are many other worthwhile topics and i have apologised for my inconveniencing in my first post while negating that in my second! - One small example of the unseen damage done: there have been several online comments as to why KC has not toured Italy. The behaviour exhibited by Ms. Paglialuca - it doesn't hurt anyone! so why should i act courteously, or at least politely? - is a commonplace of Italian performance practice.

To which he added the obvious and fatal flaw in her logic: “Ms. Paglialuca: First of all, I respect your position...”  Clearly, not very much.