Posted by Mariana Scaravilli on Jul 30, 2017


One of the Level One has begun to insult me in Spanish. Mr. U of the Kitchen Team wondered if I knew of this. Actually, yes. Insults carry a certain charge which permeate whichever language is being spoken. Words carry intention, in the same way that notes passed around The Guitar Circle convey the state of their player.

If we are in a bad state, words are unnecessary: posture, personal aroma, and facial expression are more than enough to warn off anyone nearby. More subtle forms of negativity have shapes in the personal energy field, and are easily apparent to experts in energetics. But, ordinary people like us sense it instinctively and intuitively. Probably this is part of our animal nature, part of our survival mechanism.

Visitors to this Diary, Elephant Talk, and those who take an interest in matters Crimson, are aware that not everyone of my personal and professional acquaintance look upon either myself or my work with unalloyed approval. But to be nasty to another, effectively, is very hard; our conduct shows us to be at least as much a jerk as the individual we describe. This lack of grace and courtesy undermines our credibility as critic. But, there’s nothing new about this observation.

Some public commentaries and reviews, whether by a professional writer or former personal/professional acquaintance, radiate toxicity. I was handed a print-out of one such commentary several months ago; I sensed its dis-ease emanating from the paper. How is this possible, I wonder? The dis-ease which emanates from the words is something apart from the nominal grounds for disagreement. The formal points of disagreement may be formally addressed; what then remains is toxicity, but with no place to go. So, it festers within the disputant.

The disaffected member of the Level One was given the opportunity to leave honourably, but has decided to stay. Good: this is the better course of action.

Thursday, 6th. April 2000
Seminario San Jose, Gandara,
Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.


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