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Tuesday 29 November 2016

Hotel It is Posh, Vienna


Rising c. 08.10 and down to the excellent trough for morning music, reflecting, reading; and a few tasty things too…

Just off Lobby Posh, en route to Facilities-That-Are-Posh…

is a classic artwork, known to its and subsequent generations: Dude With Axe Attracts Slavering Babes And Fawning Chicks…


Since using my Fernandes Sustainer, I have become the life and soul of any and every party. Guys look at me anxiously from corners of the room, while fawning bimbettes seek my opinions on the fetishisings of music's inherent and delineated meanings.

Arising from this morning’s reflecting: how to open the practice of the player to an interested audient? Four Quarter Maintainers have been present at all the KC performances in Italy and Spain. What is a Four Quarter Maintainer? What is their aim, what is their function?


Two days ago, I e-mailed several members of the FQM Team…

Sun, 27 Nov 2016 11:50


From a FQM in Spain: If I could I would take this experience for longer periods!


my apologies again that i was unable to be more directly involved in your FQM work with KC in italy and spain.


onstage, the difference between with-without FQM was tangible for me.


i look forward to your comments and, perhaps, all the FQMs involved might be brought into this e-mail link, if that is acceptable to all.


arising at the breakfast trough, here in Hotel Acceptable With Great Views at the old port, marseilles:


King Crimson is stepping out into the wider world, and during 2017 will be touring extensively in the US;

probably also mexico. 

we also are developing plans for touring in 2018 and 2019 on four continents.


my primary concern is the quality of the performance event.


in obvious ways, such as venue acoustics.

hence concern for choosing appropriate / possible venues;

and carrying drapes to counter ambient / echoing spaces.

we are presently negotiating to buy Leonard Cohen's tour drapes;

we also have much of Leonard's touring equipment, sound man and tour manager!


and also more subtle areas: to bring together musicians and audiences in goodwill;

that Grace might act on and through all of us, however we might understand / articulate this.


in this, the FQMs have an important role IMO.

in a sense, carrying the GC current into the wider / mainstream world;

by reconciling, in some cases neutralising, and bring together audiences and players.


that is, i am suggesting that we take the work of the FQMs further;

more seriously (but not solemnly at all).

we might even get to rock out from time to time!


how to heal our suffering world?

hellboy tom saw that it was necessary for The OCG to go out into war zones.

KC provides us with an opportunity to move into spaces where The OCG are currently unlikely to venture.


in conventional GC vocabulary, Four Quarter Maintaining might be described as a Special Study Group;

but goes much further.


any resonances, please?