Posted by Mariana Scaravilli on May 21, 2020

Two new entries have just published on RF's diary: May 17th, May 18th, featuring Toyah's words on our individual creative voice and May 19th.

...Yesterday I asked Toyah for her views, as one of the most insightful, creative people I know. T’s profound dyslexia has forced her to find ways of processing and conveying her ideas, often in the face of dismissal by persons who process with verbal-intellectual mind. Myself, I engage intellectually with ideas, but second to interacting with the Juice; aka a creative current.

What I call my personal voice, Toyah calls First Voice. I asked her to expand…

FIRST VOICE: I write and l make decisions in my life by what I call FIRST VOICE. This is the very first voice that enters your head when a question needs answering. Let me define “question”... as in a response being needed, to move forward with a notion, a creative urge, a problem or a decision.

The First Voice is the pure voice that responds before an individual’s circumstance can interpret or project onto shaping a thought.

FIRST VOICE is our truth.  Our voice of logic comes from "reward/punishment" experience.

FIRST VOICE comes from our moment of coming into physical being and probably is our "Higher Self" after we pass.

Most people experience this on waking from a long night’s sleep before they remember who they are. So as a creative writer/song writer/ painter/ performer/actress I have always believed the FIRST VOICE guides me to do what the universe intended me to be doing with this life.

On many occasions I have recorded First Voice on paper and gone away from it; eg lyric writing. Then moved away, to make the subject more fashion/trend orientated, only to go back to the First Voice original idea.

BRILLIANT DAY was written in First Voice. It happened in seconds.