Posted by Sid Smith on Oct 23, 2018

Bill Bruford is working with Cherry Red  to bring his Summerfold and Winterfold labels up to date. The first reissues in this new partnership are If Summer Had Its Ghosts, originally issued in 1997 with bassist Eddie Gomez and guitarist Ralph Towner, and from 2009, In Tokyo a live album with Patrick Moraz.

Here's the press release announcing the deal.

Although Bill Bruford retired from studio and public performances on the 1st January 2009, he remains proud of his recorded works and committed to enhancing its legacy, on his own Summerfold and Winterfold Records, which were founded in 2004. Summerfold exists to release Bill’s jazz oriented recordings and Winterfold for his previous life before that as a rock musician.

Bill Bruford personally oversees both labels and the new deal will see Cherry Red distribute those titles around the world.

Bill will be working with Daniel Earnshaw of QEDG Management to refresh the Summerfold and Winterfold catalogues, and develop a Complete Earthworks box set, for release via Cherry Red in 2019. Bill Bruford said this of the new imprint deal “I’m very much looking forward to working with Cherry Red and Daniel Earnshaw to take my revitalised catalogue to the next level.”

L-R Daniel Earnshaw (QEDG Management), Bill, Adam Velasco, MD of Cherry Red

The imprint deal will also see the re-listing of all of Bill’s album on digital platforms, including albums which haven’t been available digitally before. There are also plans for new compilations and vinyl releases along with pitching songs for inclusion in TV and Movie productions.

Adam Velasco, MD of Cherry Red, said: “We are delighted to represent Bill’s diverse and interesting catalogue. We’ve got exciting plans for this superb music and look forward to delving into the archives and working with Bill in the future.”

This announcement coincides with the first two re-releases - “If Summer Had Its Ghosts” and a live album with Patrick Moraz called “In Tokyo” - of the albums identified as being out of stock for the longest time period before the new deal commenced.

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If Summer Had Its Ghosts

In Tokyo