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Friday 06 March 2015

Super Audio Mastering Dartmoor Rising


Super Audio Mastering, Dartmoor.


Rising heroically at 09.00 from a NightWorld adventure with Jimi Hendrix. We were sharing Jimi’s guitar with Jimi on my left playing the top strings. A little crowded on the instrument, I was playing the bass strings at the twelfth position, a rather rocking rhythm with Jimi soloing on top. We were doing very well when the alarm went off and brought one of the more interesting collaborations of my guitaring life to a sudden end.

Entering the day with a shower, coffee and hot milk of the Monks’ Withecombe variety, and towards the studio. Onward motion paused to deal with a delivery of two boxes to the house, then arriving c. 10.15 to a mastering adventure of the recent radical-remix of THRAK by RF and Jakko. The Master and Andy I…






12.45    King Crimson For Lovers?

13.32    Lunch.

15.54    A run-through of Beat in stereo. Quite the best stereo mix of this I have heard. Beat is the only KC album where I was not present at the original mix.

And some exciting news has come in from the Little Luvvie: she has landed the horror film for which she was viddy-auditioning yesterday morning.

Onto Beat in 5.1…

17.11    Vibrated and tickled. A step forward in the re-evaluation of this KC Period, and also waiting re-addressings are The ProjeKcts and KC 2000-2003.

Apropos of an extended view of the longer KC Present Moment…

1.    In Las Vegas with F&F this past weekend, I was looking through my 1981 Journals and came across a reference: I discussed a three-drummer situation with Billy B., then in terms of using Simmonds e-drums.
2.    In 2007 in Nashville, at the early rehearsals of KC with Gavin and Pat, I suggested triple-drumming to Ade, with himself as the third. Ade was strongly not-interested.

17.37    Fine-tuning continues. Both stereo and 5.1 have Absent Lovers, a backing track that was not taken to a completed stage with vocals. It bops along. Interesting to hear the small details of the arrangements throughout the album: quietly impressive to these ears, over three decades later.

17.44    On the DGM Guestbook…

What we all want!:: Posted by Bakullama on March 05, 2015

In 1999 I and a few others posted in this guestbook that King Crimson should try their hand at a blues type tune...

A blues song of the Crimson variety is currently in development: Probable Grounds For The Blues.

18.29    Done for today in the studio. Off to The Producers’ Suite for an evening computing.