Thursday 22 July 1999

On this day six years

06.50 On this day, six years ago, my Mother flew from this world.

21.15 I visited Witchampton at the end of the afternoon & tidied my parents' grave. There are enough good roses from Sunday to present an aspect to the world.

Then, Bert Lams & I went with Les to Les' local. There are not many genuine village pubs. Les is 92 this October & has lived in the village since he was six, moving from the next village one mile away (where the bass player of The Troggs lives). Les is remarkable. He does more physical work in a morning than I could achieve in a week.

Paul Richards is a particularly good friend of Les. When we had Crafties visitng here on a regular basis, often for extended periods, Les would take them his pub. They would cycle the 3 miles there, but stories of the return journey are still told. Les at the front followed by swaying Americans on bicycles.

Judy Collins' "Wildflowers" is my music of choice this evening. "Wildflowers" was recommended to me by Judy Dyble & helped sustain me through the wretchedness of life as an unemplyed guitarist in cheap digs off the Kilburn High Road. "Michael From Mountains" (by Joni Mitchell) is now working its magic. King Crimson actually played this in our early days, & performed it at Change Is (in Newcastle) during its debut week (booked as Giles, Giles & Fripp). But we never played it afterwards. "Who Knows Where The Time Goes" sustained me through the break-up of the first Crimson. A happy boy was I when I discovered them fairly recently on CD.

A Blast From One Year Ago Today:

"A fax from Bill Bruford is awaiting me, following on from our conversation of radical Crimson plans. Bill, who stands on his head and leaps through loops for Crimson, is repeatedly plagued by Robert disbanding Crimson every time it approaches its next period of great success; and un-fixes everything whenever its members think they know what's going on. Now this awkward man has new strange plans which will not only upset the players but the agents, promoters and probably the audience as well."

Now, close to bedtime.