21 August 2003

DGM HQ Broad accents of



Broad accents of the Broad Chalke variety began punctually at 08.30 in the Village Shop & Butchery, immediately below my office, followed by thumping and shaking as large parts of dead animals were reduced to smaller parts of animals equally without life. A truck with attached trailer parked outside as its driver visited the Shop. The cargo: very many chickens, of the living variety, packed into crates & unknowing of the words Free Range. Perhaps they were having a day out, an exeat, from the battery farm up the road.

17.19 Death! Pain! Horror! Terror! Suffering! Misery! The G4 hard-drive is irreparably damaged and the August Diary is corrupted. A lot of work is lost, mucho reporting of exciting, interesting & important arisings in DGM HQ & SoundWorld, matters Crim, and commentary on the commentary of several online commentators discussing The King Crimson Farewell Tour Of Europe (2003). A young man, who drove here from his firm in Poole, spent over 4 hours doing what he could to find the fault. Eventually, after 3+ hours, he came to the conclusion: a damaged HD. He thinks this might have happened if the computer had been moved while the HD was in active mode. Pooey pooey.

This morning: a call to Richard Chadwick, current manager of David Sylvian, former manager of King Crimson. The figures don't add up for a joint KC/DS tour this autumn. That tour now looks unlikely to go ahead, a great personal disappointment to this Sylvian fan.

This afternoon: a visit to the chiropractor in Salisbury. The three smallest toes in my left foot remain numb-ish, although there is overall improvement.

Small but significant: I have set up a Zoom 9002 on my desk here, plugged it into a JVC hi-fi, and have been working through several ideas for Crimson with a Fernandes Bunny guitar in hands. Now, to remember them. A few months ago I wrote a dual-key 24-bar blues for Crim and forgot it.

Backtracking --

Wednesday 20th. August: a gentle morning in Bredonborough. To DGM HQ late morning to continue mixes for the double-DVD. A call to Charlie Hewitt in the US suggests that the figures don't add up for a David Sylvian/KC tour of the US this Autumn. Charlie is looking at various options. Then a call to catch up with Ade: a new desk has arrived in StudioBelew & Kengineer is a happy boy!

18.27 DGM SoundWorld.

One Time from Shepherd's Bush, the final concert of the KC Eurotour 2000, is werning away. On the G4, I am working from the External Memory Beast. An 80-gig hard-drive is on order asap.

21.55 Heroes. What a song. Another triumph from Shepherd's Bush.

In the West the DVD will be a double release: KC in Japan this April 2003 - Eyes Wide Open - and KC at Shepherd's Bush Empire 2000 - Heavy ConstruKtion: The Movie. In Japan these will be released separately. Shepherd's Bush, filmed by BootlegTV, is the Vicar's preferred viewing of the two. The professionally filmed & produced Tokyo show is professional. The young BTV camera-persons wore punter-eyes and penetrated the nature of Crimson to a greater degree. It's honest says the Vicar on the outcome of their efforts.

22.33 Many reports on this mixing & the DVDs, over the past two weeks, have been lost with the corruption of the August diary.

22.57 Machine has called from New York. A surround-sound mix is currently downloading. David & I have taken a short break & are now back on The Late Shift.

23.31 Another G4 seizure.

The Raging Crim disregards my computer problems and powers its improvising way through Barcelona. The Crimson of 2000 & 2003 are different Beasts. Both have distinct qualities. Crim 2000 is an adolescent creature, blasting unapologetically forwards. Crim 2003 is a mature animal, considered, architectural & more vulnerable. It is also, on occasion, more dangerous.

00.07 The Late Shift is late. Now time to hit the floor. We have a day of mastering tomorrow.