Wednesday 11 January 2006

DGM HQ Begin with the



Begin with the possible & move gradually towards the impossible. If we wish for the impossible to reach back & draw us towards it, we must undertake what is possible for us. So, what is possible?

14.04    This morning: Tone Probing in DGM SoundWorld I, testing the Solar

Voyager I.2 in preparation for tomorrow’s session with Jakko & Saturday’s School Aid performance in Broad Chalke Church.

The Tone Probe, aka sound check, was recorded into Logic on SoundWorld’s G5. We’ll edit this & see whether there is something-anything which can be made available, quickly, as Hot Tickles for downloading.

21.03    A visit to Bournemouth this afternoon.

Firstly, to homeopath & musician Don Hardyman. Don was ired that The Daily Mail has dissed homeopathy. Don didn’t seem to know that the Daily Malicious is a reliable & trustworthy commentator & adjudicator of all newsworthy subjects; as well as many that aren’t newsworthy at all.

Secondly, to tea with the Wilton Carpet, aka John Wetton, who lives a mile or so down the road from Don. I arrived with the kind of nutrition most suited to mature rock players…


As usual, conversation covered past, present & future interests & arisings. I conveyed Mel’s good wishes from yesterday. JW is in very good health & spirits.

Returning to DGM HQ: I instructed myself to sit on the floor for a (short) quiet time. A recommended part of a daily practice is to quieten at the end of the day & beginning of the evening. For me, it is exceptionally hard to make this a regular part of a usual commonplace day: partly, because I don’t have usual commonplace days; partly because pressing stuff is always waiting; partly because I do not put pressing stuff on hold for a few, quiet minutes. This evening, yes.

Just spoken to Steve Martin of The Agency in NYC. Soundscape performances are about to be confirmed for the end of February in Athens, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis & a few others.

This is from John Relph, posted at ET1219, and I find it very useful…

21.35  What is the function of my practice? The question is intended in a very practical way. Not, because this serves my aim as much as, how & why does this practice serve my aim? That is, what is it about the mechanics of this practice that make it more likely that I may achieve my aim?

21.51    On the Guestbook…

Fifth Man:: Posted by mflaherty on January 11, 2006

…would I be right in thinking that it’s no longer correct to call Tony Levin the "fifth man"? Now that Bruford (for certain) and Gunn (as far as I know) are gone for good, we are down to a quartet of which Tony will be an active member, right?

The quick answer is, yes.

TLev is an active member of King Crimson, Line-Up Seven, along with Adrian Belew, Pat Mastelotto & myself. In my personal & subjective view of Crimson World, I consider Trey Gunn to be the Fifth Man. This has not been confirmed by Trey, who declined to be a member of a five-piece Crimson when I suggested it to him in 2003. But that means little to me: Trey is King Crimson’s Fifth Man, whether he knows it or not.

22.01  AOL has switched to crashing mode.

23.24  And stayed there.