16 December 1999

Conversation between Pat Adrian amp

Conversation between Pat, Adrian & Robert while looking at the white board with titles, times & running order of the album.

PM (to RF): How fixed are you on the title of "Larks' V"?
RF: Well, it shares lineage with "Fracture".
PM: That's what I think. And Ken thought you were playing "Fracture" when he heard you practising.

RF kneels to board, rubs out "Larks' V" and writes "Fractured" in its place. AB, RF & PM look at board, consider how it looks and its implications, and agree on the new title. RF runs to find Trey to ask his approval, but he's just driven off to pack.

Bill has been remixing (what was) "Larks' V" and this has significantly uncovered / clarified its character. So, as the piece's identity has become clearer, we have renamed it prior to its full birthing and moving out into the world.

While the running DAT of rough mixes is load/unloading in the garage, I seized the opportunity to take 15 minutes of Ken's time in the studio to record a Soundscape for Maria Gabriella Epumer's album. We calculated that if we began the Soundscape 3'15" back from its ending, the exact time allowed on the ADAT provided for us by MG, then with good luck the two might link. Wonderment! The set-up and crossover works a treat. I wish we had more time to keep going but right now the demands on our attention are considerable.

Pat & Bill are loading a truck with large & heavy drum items; Trey is back at their apartment packing; the DAT continues to wern/unwern itself from Protools; one of two suitcases is open on the floor calling to me. Wait a little longer, suitcase.

The Team have been considering the possibility of doing the bulk of the mixes in an outside studio: a kind of fresh ears approach. Recording here has been the best experience for me of all and any Crimson studio recording: focused, in human scale, near my place of domicile, affordable. Overall, a process approach to making the album.

Also today: a chance to catch-up with Trey on the many common interests and ventures we share. And draft cover art.

Toyah sounded excited on the 'phone this morning, but not as excited as me! The New Years' Eve event she is hosting in Birmingham is much bigger than she anticipated. Although she's working, it's going to be a huge party as well, and in her home town. For me, with Toyah & her parents, it's a great way to see in the last year of this millennium, although I'll pretend it's the first year of the next.

Trey has driven off; Bill & Pat are packing up the garage; Adrian & Ken are off to see a group in town. We have listened to the entire album as we have it: good rough mixes & rough vocals, with a few parts yet to be recorded. The areas which need to be addressed are noted & agreed, which we'll address when we return here on January 5th. 2000.

Hot news: current plans are for Crimson to meet here on May 1st. to prepare for live work, and very likely play 2/3 shows in a Nashville club 26/27/28 May. Then, to Germany via a club in Copenhagen, and European touring until mid-July. Touring the US October / November. There are also options entailed in all of this, so don't carve these dates in stone. But, this is as much as we know.

And the least I might do, in apology to David Vermette, is to address his question as to the status of the Double Duo in terms of Line-up number: is it Line-up 5(B) or Line-up Six?

My sense is that the qualitative shift from the Double Trio is so great that the Double Duo constitutes a new King Crimson line-up, Line-up Six. This shift is mainly determined by the "new" King Crimson rhythm section.