19 August 2003

Bredonborough Computer problems persist The



Computer problems persist. The G4 partially functions, regrettably not in the most important areas. AOL launches & then collapses shortly afterwards. My August Diary is scrambled. Everything seizes, regularly. A Mac doctor is visiting DGM HQ on Wednesday.

Backtracking --

Wednesday 13th. August: Lunch with Mary P., a wonderful (what is disrespectfully called) Work Wrinkley. Then to Don Hardyman, homeopath, in Bournemouth. Don was the pianist at The Majestic during my three years there 1965-67. And on to DGM HQ to look over The Vicar's shoulders, with Punk assisting him, on the mixing of the upcoming KC Double-DVD.

Thursday 14th. August: Ongoing mixing plus a visit to a Beastly Chiropractor of Wonder in Salisbury.

Friday 15th. August: A long day on the mixes and, significantly, I have set up a guitar in my office. A late departure from DGM HQ at 19.30, stopping to walk around Marlborough & give my back/left leg some ease.

Saturday 16th. August: This morning's sitting in a sitting position again. Garden furniture for the back door arrived, delivered in a horse-box by a local dairy farmer, with his two children to help carry. He is developing a side-line to his farming life, such is the life of a dairy farmer in the UK. Farming in the UK is another topic.

A visit from an American crafty didn't materialise. Since I can't access e-mail I would have missed his e-message cancelling.

A superb Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes with T as Patti Smith. A well-spirited performance by all the celebs, especially Sian WeatherGirl singing Money a la Flying Lizards.

Sunday 17th. August: a day at home with the Little Luvvie! B&B came for tea on the new garden furniture.

Monday 18th. August: lunch with T before she set off for London & Calamity Jane. Continuing to catch up with stuff and moving it around various locations in Bredonborough.