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Thursday 03 September 2015

Woah that was the week

Woah – that was the week that was! I have finally escaped the clutches of the THRAK boxed set just in time to catch the start of the tour. I leapt straight from the six piece with its two drummers to the seven piece with its glorious trio – and at the first warm-up gig, found myself sitting beside Bill Bruford, who wondered if he should have brought his sticks as three drummers sounded like an unbalanced number…

Another consequence of the overrun in the studio is that over the last month my pre-show speaking event has been planned/cancelled/planned/cancelled with the daily changes to my diary. When I finally emerged, I feared it was too late for satisfactory arrangements - but with the combined talents of Sid and Indeg working hard in the background, all systems are apparently go.

Davy’s on the road again wearing different clothes again
Davy’s turning handouts down to keep his pockets clean
All his goods are sold again, his word’s as good as gold again etc etc.

More last-minute than we had intended, meaning that spaces still remain - so get in touch with indeg@dgmhq.com should you wish to come. 6pm at all the venues.

Hopefully, most of the questions floating on the guestbook have now been answered. We will be posting a daily setlist from the shows (I have seen four and it has been different every time). The new Tourbox is indeed completely different from last year (what sort of company do you think we are, selling you the same one twice!). Another interesting overview of the history of Crimson, spiced with unreleased tickles from the new band. And, of course, I have already joined with everyone else in wishing the best to John Wetton. It’s wonderful to hear so much of his music sounding so vibrant and current.

And now I must leap into a car and drive to Cardiff, land of my wife’s fathers. I hope to see some of you there.