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Thursday 13 August 2015

Where did my life go

So where are we? What day is it? What year is it? And where did my life go?!!!

A quick update – the THRAK boxed set. First (of course) it is wondrous. From a production perspective, the largest undertaking of all the boxes. Previous sets were largely based around comprehensive sets of live shows. This set does, of course, contain a good selection of shows, but goes further in all other directions – whether it be ATTAKcATHRAK, Jurassic THRAK (the behind the scenes audio documentary), all the footage (Tony’s Road Movies plus unreleased music, the original 20 minute promo video, the cleaned up Warfield etc etc), or even (in keeping with our history of stretching boundaries) a video BluRAY which you can turn into an audio BluRAY by switching off the footage.

I mention all this because some of these are “live” issues, still wandering through my inbox, across my desk and into my studio…

And then there are new mixes of the current seven-headed beast of terror. Jakko has been tied to a hot stove for months, his hand pressed against the hot plates, finishing this with Robert. And these have now, somewhat unexpectedly, flown across my path. In fact, my flight path took me on a speedy visit to Jakko on Monday to collect a series of mix stems. Which sound awesome in Jakko’s studio, but less awesome downstairs, leading to a scary downward spiral of acoustic analysis until you no longer trust anything including your ears (a problem when that’s how you earn your living).

Meanwhile, my daughter needs me to buy her a second-hand car, my youngest son has just got his A level results, the third Vicar book needs editing, the songs of the second songbook need singers, the third graphic novel needs a synopsis, the fourth Vicar book is due to be written before the end of the year, a speaking tour of the East Coast of the US needs planning for October, oh, and (quite excitingly) it has been suggested that I speak at each of the venues of the UK tour before the shows.

I suddenly feel very tired… But it will all feel better in the morning!