Monday 08 December 2003

Today in Punkworld Punks diary

Today in Punkworld : Punk's diary

Some time this morning (We'll leave all that "10.38 am" stuff to his Vicarious highness), the Vicar finally retired from diary writing. Officially, this is a brief hiatus, while his ailing laptop is repaired. But we all know that he has finally met a challenge that he can't meet. And all he had to do was type a couple of words a day. How difficult can that be?! Of course, I won't manage it. But then you wouldn't expect me to, arse wipe that I am. But I can hardly do worse. What was his average? Two postings a month? Pretty poopathetic. Not even a grade C at GCSE (trendy allusion to recent discussions about the dumbing down of exam standards). I might even manage that. Not that I'm promising any deep philosophical discussions. Just your basic "what happened today stuff", complete with the football scores, and the test cricket.

You're right. DGM has finally plumbed the depths.

So what did happen today? Well nothing actually, which is a comment on the state of DGM world central. In fact, perhaps "DGM world outpost" would be more appropriate. After a great week in New York helping Singleton and Machine with the KC surround mixes on his Logic system, we return to DGM, to find the SADIE computer has crashed, the only DVD drive in the building has been disconnected, and the whole thing is creaking at the seams. It certainly doesn't feel like the centre of anything to this basement dweller, wasting his day trying to rescue corrupted SADIE files. One day in New York is worth about a week of Broadchalke time.

Hmmm. I meant to be this blunt. Perhaps while I am here, and before this diary gets pulled by the Cruel Heartless Venal Leader (isn't there meant to be a "raging" in there too somewhere), I had better take my chance to say Hi to my daughter in Canada and wish Chelsea all the worst for the coming season.