Thursday 22 November 2001

Today at the Vicarage The

Today at the Vicarage : The Betsy

Yesterday's diary does not read well. I promise no better today.

I am again spared the need to stare into the empty void, by the trivia with which I so ably fill my allotted time.

Firstly, the newspapers : Jonathan King protesting his innocence. My recent experience of Punk's trial gives this extra charge. Mr King is right that "The removal of the need for corroboration of witnesses means that the accused is effectively presumed guilty unless innocence can be proved," and that "It is virtually impossible to prove you didn't do something, and even harder when so much time has elapsed." Both points that I raised at the time of Punk's trial.

In Mr King's case, however, it would seem that the sheer volume of different accusations adds probability to the charges. His continuing denials will deny everyone the closure they need. Unless, of course, he is innocent as he claims.

And finally, an email from the front line, courtesy of RF:

The Team climbed onto The King Crimson Wonder Touring Pantechnicon Of Terror & Delight and set off from Las Vegas by midnight, leaving behind a triumphant Lennox Lewis in the same hotel that the House of Blues is connected to; and Britney to film her second night for HBO. We poured ourselves some bubbling solution & listened to the soundboard CDs of Nashville II – we were pleased. To my ears, this Crimson has become a rock group, rocking through material that rock groups don't generally go near, while being comfortable with being a rock group, and one that goes through material that rock groups don't generally go near.

And now back to my corner. In search of silence. United Airlines offer fine headphones to cure external noise. It is internal noise that troubles me.