15 March 2004

The Year of the Vicar

The Year of the Vicar : Week Eleven. My ongoing report of the marathon that has become "the year of the Vicar". Progress seems turgid slow, but progress there is.The destination has been clearly defined in simple sentences. We shall arrive. My trip to Seattle and Nashville was long overdue. If only for the excellent deep tissue massage that awaited me at the Spa in Proclub. The checklist : 1. Chronicle the Third. Heaven be praised. This very evening Punk handed me a copy of the completed tome. I look forward to reading it over the next two days, and dispatching it to Luke Hutchence, agent to the stars. With three chronicles under his belt, it is time for Punk to get paid for his work, and swim in the shark infested waters of publishing. Or not. We also have plans to publish the books through the DGM website.Although it wuld be sad if these works never went further than the couple of thousand eyes that have so far found them. 2. Songbook the First. Which means that before the end of the week, the focus will finally shift to...music! 3 DGM subscription site. Concerts are being loaded, diaries imported, photographs scanned. A mini dummy site up and running within weeks 4. Bfpd.com. One of the two developers has been out of circulation, but the draft visuals bring back memories of the early, politically incorrect, BootlegTV images. Wonderful. 5. New US distribution. The first payment has arrived !!! A more exclamation marks !! !! 6.New European distribution Those unmoved boxes still wait to be moved. 7.New Fripp collaborations. G3 still awaits. The new Crim also took its first fledgling steps. We shall see.