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Sunday 19 May 2002

Sunday Sermon A varied selection

Sunday Sermon.

A varied selection of Sermons have recently invaded my in box. We shall start with this offering from Blind Eye Jones.

business and art are not within the providence of god. to give the devil his due is to purse art and commerce without a safety net; and there within this worldly structure is a contradiction that cannot be resolved. even Job, a rich and devote man, could not wrap his thinking around this crusty crumb. the dusty road to hell is paved with the best intentions and we are the play things of forces too large to comprehend. no amount of wisdom or un-wisdom will clarify, as no amount of words on or off the Internet will solve the riddle of why things happen. in the end most of our fate is undetermined and accidental.

god watches as fate sometimes pulls our wings off, like what bad boys do to flies. yes, god watches and sometimes he smiles. but there is no discipline with god. he does not practice... at least, he does not practice what is preached. however, if we are saved, we are saved by our ignorance which is given by god in great abundance. ignorance makes the imperfect perfect (and the perfect imperfect).

the tree of knowledge bears the fruit of ignorance. adam eating from this fruit knows, knows that all the saying of this site and of the world will be unsaid in time. in the same way, a flower does not know the reason why things happen anymore than we, as humans, know the reason. the difference is that we do know it. dmg is the same way but only bigger and smaller.

god has give us ignorance and we should use it. the moral of this sermon is that the devil has give us pride and has taken away our ignorance. business and art are brothers throwing stones at each other. both have lost the ability to not understand the situation. and innocence only draws monsters to itself.

Take heart – the way will be clear and unclear

blind eye jones