David Singleton

David Singleton's Diary

Tuesday 08 June 2021

A number of issues arising from the launch of the tour :

Firstly, I understand that the Fox Theater in Atlanta has described this as King Crimson’s “Farewell Tour”. We have never described this as a “farewell tour” and will be telling them to change their wording. Indeed, given the way that so many bands have played multiple farewell tours, I very much doubt King Crimson will ever announce a “farewell tour”. That said, the band currently have absolutely no plans for more touring beyond the end of this year. Covid permitting, we hope to be in Japan in the winter, but after that there are no more future plans. It is advisable never to say “never” – but it is unlikely that this band will ever return to North America. Certainly, I cannot imagine these brave souls ever getting on a sleeper bus again and caravanning from city to city. The Fox Theater in Atlanta may well therefore be correct that we will never play there again – but that does not make this a “Farewell Tour”. In fact, this is a “Hello Again!” tour – “Glad Times are Here!”

Secondly, many fans who have bought general tickets from Ticketmaster or AXS have been approaching us for a refund or exchange. We can only process Royal Package tickets purchased directly from us. For all other tickets, you please need to contact the seller, not us, as we will be unable to help you – and we will be swamped!

Royal Package tickets are still available for most shows. Those keen to get Royal Package tickets for those currently “sold out” (currently NYC and LA), do not despair, please watch your email, or keep checking the site, as more places will gradually be released once we have re-homed those who bought packages from cancelled shows. Even as I type, I have just been informed that six more places at LA are now available…

General tickets for most shows will go on sale on Friday 11thJune.