The old warhorse carries an interesting series of solos. Firstly, Fripp’s laser beam tone drops into silence and then comes back duetting with himself on bass and lead lines as eerie traces of ‘tron hang in the background. And just when you were getting comfortable he revs it up Sailor’s Tale style. After this tour of the Frippleboard, Collins rattles off down the track, his ‘A Train’ quote eventually subsiding into the now-traditional Gavin Harrison solo which itself incorporates a snatch of Deep Purple. All this and some great WOO solos from the crowd in the usual breaks.
21st Century Schizoid Man
Written by Jesus Rosales
Drumson Outbreak!
Second night for me in Mexico City, some variations compared to the previous night, but a much enjoyable and powerful first half in my opinion. Neurotica opened the set, and it is incredible how much power the intro emanates with 3 drummers, similar comment for Indiscipline, which in this night the intro really shined, it seems that this song's intro was written with 3 drummers in mind! Really amazing if you ask me. I still don't get used to Jakko's melody for the voice in Indiscipline, honestly...
Written by abrahamck
Brutal pair of shows I had the chance to attend. I'm totally surprised by the perfect syncronicity in the band, particularly in the front row. Total admiration of the job of Jeremy, Gavin and Pat... haven't seen something like that, probably i'll not see something as perfect as those 3 guys and the entire band. Before tuesday's show, I bumped with Pat one block from the theater... such a nice guy. I saw those shows two weeks ago... still are in my heart. Cheers... Hope you come back soon.
Written by Daniel Videla
Full schizoid Mexican fans!
WOO solos from the crowd (in the breaks by the end of the piece) are astonishing! Full schizoid Mexican fans!
Written by Gwyneth
I was the schizoid man
I've died and gone to heaven, I saw the schizoid man. You can read my experience about the best concert ever