Celebration Package

Music so wishes to be heard…
Music so wishes to be heard that sometimes it calls on unlikely characters to give it voice, and to give it ears. This wishing-to-be heard calls into existence the Performance Event; where music, musician and audience may come together as one, in communion.
When people get together, something happens.
When people get together with music, something remarkable happens.
When musician, audience and music come together in a performance, this something remarkable has a quality of its own.
The something remarkable is Music taking on a life of its own.
A primary difficulty for anyone seeking value and importance in live performance is that, in contemporary culture, the relationship between performer and audient is mediated by commerce. The difficulty of mediation by commerce is that many people in the music industry are prepared to lie for money.
“What has changed in 40 years? It’s very simple. Forty years ago there was a market economy. Today there is a market society. Today, everything, including ethics, has a price.” https://www.ft.com/content/f588e100-d7ee-11e1-9980-00144feabdc0
DGM does what it can to combat ticketing scams, online ticket agencies with knockbacks to promoters, spurious VIP packages, dud merchandising et al. And that’s before we get to recorded music. Most of this behavior is “not illegal”, just wrong, exploitative and profoundly unethical.
One of our experiments in bringing together musicians and audients is the Royal Package. In 2019 this has become the Celebration Package, to acknowledge fifty years of King Crimson. You are invited!
Euros 325. Strictly limited to 60 people. 10% reduction for 1000 Club members (please check email for discount code). Tickets will be collected on the day.