Posted by Sid Smith on Sep 19, 2007 - This post is archived and may no longer be relevant

Venue Sleuth, GeoffreyB got back in touch yesterday with this recollection of the venue and gig pictured. 

"I had attended the concert at Club Agora on May 13, 1973 and as soon as I saw the photo asking about the “mystery venue” it struck a chord. I remember the day very well. A friend and I had driven 200 miles from Michigan to see our favorite band. We had arrived in Toledo early, found the venue and decided to kill some time by driving around Toledo. As we were exploring we saw the band arriving at a local hotel. We quickly parked and took up residence in the hotel coffee shop hoping for the best.

After about 30 minutes Bill Bruford strolls in. My friend and I introduce ourselves and mentioned that we had driven from Michigan to see the show. After some polite conversation discussing music, my friend and I were both working musicians, Bill asks if we would like to stop by the dressing room after the show. We were on cloud 9. The show was amazing! Afterward as the crowd was leaving the venue Dave and I made our way to the dressing room which was just to the side of the stage.

Having knocked, we were greeted by John Wetton who mentioned that Bill would be able to see us in about 5 minutes. We were then escorted into the dressing room in which we met Robert, John and David. They were delightful and we received autographs from everyone as we left. Bill was very pleased that we enjoyed the show and had driven so far. The day could not have been more perfect. The photo on the DGMLive site has been a revelation."

Geoff also recalled meeting Ian Wallace a few years later. "During the 80s and 90s I was a production manager for touring rock bands (George Thorogood, Bad Company, Ted Nugent, etc). While producing a tour for Lynyrd Skynyrd I had met Ian Wallace who was at the time (1998) playing drums for Peter Frampton, our opening act.

He and I spoke often about King Crimson and in particular had some laughs and remembrances about the gig at Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids Michigan which was documented in your book and I attended. He was a good guy and a great musician."