Posted by Sid Smith on May 20, 2018

We recently reported the sad new that Keith Tippett had suffered a heart attack and with complications arising from pnuemonia was unable to work. Saxophonist and label owner of Discus Records is organising a testimonal concert for Keith. Martin writes, "Drummer Peter Fairclough and I have got our heads together and created this: a testimonial / fundraising gig for the benefit of Keith Tippett who, as you have probably heard, is currently recuperating at home following a heart attack, and is unable to work. We need to raise at least £5k via Kickstarter to stage this event at Manchester RNCM on 28th October at 4.00pm. £15 minimum donation to get your ticket.

Please click here for more details.

If you can't help with the Kickstarter testimonial concert, you can help Keith directly in other ways, as per our news item from last month. 

Saxophonist and composer, Martin Archer, owner of the Discus Music label who recently released Tippett's The Nine Dances Of Patrick O’Gonogon, posted this message on social media.

"I’ve just come off the phone from speaking to Keith Tippett. As you have probably seen elsewhere, Keith recently suffered a heart attack followed by some nasty complications. He’s back home and recovering, but it will take time.

You’ve probably also seen online that Keith’s friends Hazel Miller (Ogun) and Riccardo Bergerone wish to show their support for Keith via fundraising, which is fantastic news. You'll see the paypal account for this initiative elsewhere on FacebookB: ogunrecords@googlemail.com

With Keith’s specific permission I’m adding Discus Music’s support to this initiative. Keith’s latest Octet release, "The Nine Dances Of Patrick O’Gonogon" has now covered all of its costs - which means that 100% of any sales will benefit Keith directly and regularly.

A great way of showing your appreciation and solidarity with this major composer/improviser would be to support him by buying his CDs."

Available directly from Discus Music on CD or download

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All proceeds go directly to Keith Tippett

Keith's work with King Crimson took the group's sound into some bold, challenging and interesting areas...