Posted by Mariana Scaravilli on Aug 6, 2017


The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists VII is presenting public performances in Boston, Hadley and NYC. The OCG VII is going out in public. We are manifesting our work to others; noting that, according to the principle of structure, there are seven levels of manifestation.

On one level, we are addressing three generations:

the young, who are looking for something in keeping with their aspirations towards what is of value. For this generation, we are waving a flag.

We are speaking to the middle-aged, perhaps those who twenty or thirty years ago shared the aspirations of that young generation, and are wondering where these are today. This middle-generation is pressed by two to three decades of earning a living and meeting family responsibilities, of putting their aspirations to the test. For a professional musician of this generation, perhaps they find themselves at a point where they lie with music to earn a living.

We are speaking to the elderly, those who were part of the counter-culture; who knew that music can change the world, even that through the act of listening itself the world might be changed.


In The OCG VII there are also three generations: 

those whose first course was earlier this year;
those who have been here since the beginning – the first Guitar Craft course;
those who have been involved for an extended middling-period.

In the early years, our manifesting body was The League Of Crafty Guitarists.
It was asked of the players that there was some proficiency on the guitar.

In The OCG, the primary criterion for participation is presence. This is addressed directly on courses with The Guitarist Inside.
The external skill-level may be nil, but familiarity with the Whizz and the Procession are basic.
But, even without these, participation is available through presence.

In Mexico in February, following The Procession Into The Paradise Garden, Tom told us: We have to take this into war zones! In Mexico, we were already in a war zone. Boston is a war zone. NYC is a war zone. (We are unfamiliar with the situation in Hadley).

So, our work is to heal the world.
But, this is not possible for us to do.
We begin with the possible, and move gradually towards the impossible.
So, what is possible? Perhaps, being present and going out in public.
If we don’t go out in public, nothing will happen.

Personally, during the week before a course I am terrified: I know that what is required of a person in this role is beyond me. But, I also have faith that what is required will be made available.

Similarly with The OCG. We cannot heal the world: this is beyond us. But we may go out with the hope, and for some perhaps the faith, that what is required will be made available.
But, if we don’t go out, nothing will happen.
We do what is possible, and allow space for the impossible to enter.

Inaugural Meeting Of The OCG VII.
Monday 20th. May, 2013;
Camp Caravan, Royalston, Massachusetts.