Monday 02 August 2004

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Listening to Helsinki Soundscaping. Upstairs the joiner has arrived with his son to redo the shelves, but my attention is being held by the music. I am finding this performance powerful and, out of associational interest, have consulted the first two reviews of this G3 night on Steve's website --

Theox Member Joined: 11 May 2004 Posts: 52 Location: Finland
Sat Jun 19, 2004 12:27 am Post subject:

-- Fripp opened the show. He wasn't like the "third G", he was more like a band member, playing unnoticed fills in the background. I didn't see him though, he was sitting somewhere in the back of the stage, I think. He played music that wasn't really a song, it was more like an atmosphere of sound.... A lot of people didn't get his set, after 10 minutes people were walking out of the place. I felt the same at first, but then I put myself in a meditative state and sat there feeling the music inside my head. After that I enjoyed it very much, and I felt sorry for those who gave up listening instead of finding a way to enjoy it.

This is one of the highest compliments I have been paid during my career: (RF) was more like a band member, playing unnoticed fills in the background. So far, so good.

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Sat Jun 19, 2004 2:57 am Post subject:

The coolest thing in my life for a long time was getting Steve and Joe's autographs to my luminous green diMarzio -guitar strap.

Unfortunately I really must say that I personally didn't like Fripp's set. I'm sure most of the people watching came to see guitarplaying in the more normal sense (how's Vai for normal U ask... but I hope you get my point)

There wasn't really much melody going on, just these midi-sounding string tones flying around (which was cool - for a while - but not for 40 minutes for sure. Even though it was perhaps difficult to find those sounds and effect settings, I missed the point. If someone would have done the same with a synth, it would have been pretty lame. What I'm trying to say is that even though it was good, impressive and meditative perhaps, it didn't fit G3 at all. I felt a bit bad because I am sure he could do much better show if he would take a different approach as I know he could play almost anykind of music if he wanted.

Then presumably, Fripp was playing the kind of music he wanted?

10.00 Now to Gothenburg --

17.50 World HQ.

Joiners are continuing to join.

T & I took Jeff to lunch at the Lygon Arms in Broadway, a famous Cotswold village. We were originally booked in the Brasserie next door but, within one minute of being inside the door, I cancelled the reservation. The Noise Pollution Unit was set to Inappropriate Loud Rock-a-Pop That Is Disturbing To The Digestive Tract. Our reserved table was right underneath a speaker. Could the music be turned down? No. Could the speaker be disconnected? No. Could the music be turned off? No - it makes the atmosphere of the Brasserie.

Well, I agree with that: in-house music does contribute to the atmosphere of public places. And in this case, a bad atmosphere.

After lunch to Hidcote, a famous garden near Chipping Camden.

The pair of pavilions are among my favourite garden buildings --