Monday 19 April 2004

The Basement Chateau Belew The


The Basement, Chateau Belew.

The sun is shining, the sky is mostly blue. Sunshine over Mount Belew --


Morning's reading - The Vicar Chronicles III: Katgirl's Ghost & The Disappearing Discs by Punk Sanderson.



Rising at 05.30, a busy day already --


What A Mess This Man Makes - Still Life With Fruit --


22.18 Two tracks for the Immediate Music library are squernoed, vibrated & stomped flat.

Jeff Fayman arrived at Nashville International Airport this afternoon & we managed to miss each other at baggage claim - Jeff had no baggage. We found ourselves at Jeff''s Hotel Most Acceptable & Jeff followed my car here, into the frontier wilderness of Belewbeloid country, to begin our three days of Immediacy.

Jeff & his partner Io are leaders in their field: music for movie trailers. If anyone has seen the trailers to Van Helsing, Hellboy & Spiderman II, they have heard the Immediate Music catalogue in high action.

While we were setting up the beginning sound, headphone playback & recording of the Lunar Module, we began with a backing track in D minor. Much to the amusement of Jeff Fayman and Ade, I was playing along with the wrong Dm piece. Who cares that I couldn't hear a thing? This was one of two pieces, both in D minor and by the same composer and with the same bpm.

You don't get much closer than that.

For the last piece, Jeff Fayman had the ace idea of getting me to play in an extremely intense soloing style (such as used on The Sailor's Tale & Facts Of Life). This particular style of playing both revs me up and wipes me out. Wipes me out, as in one take and that's the end of the evening's work. Revs me up, because it requires so much charge, focus & adrenalin. So right now, I can't get to sleep.

Soundscaping this morning. "Better" than yesterday, if car-listening is a way of judging, with new programmes & approaches. Then, off to various forms of computerland to increase my new-technology awareness, en route to the airport to miss meeting Jeff.