Satch Bus hurtling from Glasgow
Thursday 24 June 2004

Satch Bus hurtling from Glasgow


Satch Bus, hurtling from Glasgow to Manchester.

Today's journey is 218 miles with an estimated travelling time of 3'49". We left Hotel Acceptable at 11.05.

At 09.35, in my underwear & preparing to step out for a coffee, there was a knock at my door. Surprisingly, it was the Room Revibrator enquiring as to my departure time. Surprisingly, because there was a do not disturb sign on the door.

The Happy Gigster's Guide notes that a do not disturb sign functions much as a red flag does to a bull. The second volume in the series - The Happy Gigster's Guide To Metaphysics (Or How To Make The Cosmos Work For You) - tells us that whenever a situation is defined negatively, and/or when a situation that must not happen is clearly described, the proscribed event will inevitably take place.

At check-out, while paying the bill for clean shirts & tidy, I mentioned the do not disturb sign that didn't work; with the proviso that I didn't want anyone to get in trouble. The receptionist went to fetch the manager & the FOH manager, both of whom came out to Reception & apologised. Do not disturb means do not disturb said the manager. I don't want anyone to get in trouble replied trouble-making Happy Gigster. The manager explained: the hotel regularly re-visited its protocol for reasons such as this, and then declined to accept payment for laundry as an acknowledgement of the hotel's error.

This is exceptional. The acknowledgement of error, and the acceptance of responsibility for vicarious acts, is increasingly rare. Management of the SAS Radisson, Glasgow, is currently high in my esteem.

And, related to negative definition and how to bring about unwanted events, from an e-mail to my office --

please don't contact me regarding guests or requests. i really do NOT want to know who is coming to a show: you know the people involved and are able to ticket them through GH if you need.

and i CANNOT be distracted at this point by people who want tickets and/or backstage access, such as -- (or -- or ..). all good people. it is intolerable that -- e-mails me, personally, just days short of the RAH for this. please, if you can, take care of this.

despite years of defining necessary touring conditions, and the guestlist issue is one, it has no seeming effect. no-one near me is in any doubt that i am unable to deal with guest list issues while on the road, particularly last minute issues. and yet i opened my e-mail after two long days on the bus to find a mailbox with varying & various requests & demands; this in addition to normal arising issues & demands.

over to you, please! help!

Already there is a third HGG being planned -- The HGG to Metaphysics II (How to Make The Cosmos Work Better For You).

15.10 We are pulling into Manchester and it is raining.

17.25 Manchester Apollo, Dressing Room

The concern of the musician is music;
The concern of the professional musician is business.

Two Choices --


Well, did the Third G practice guitar, or sign the posters?

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