21 April 2004

Rising at amp a morning


Rising at 06.30 & a morning computing.

ArtworkBelew of the morning..


14.38 Mass diagnostics going on with this computer. It is refusing to install Digital Performer, a continuing problem from yesterday evening's work with Jeff. The disk installs in 2 other computers so the problem is in mine. Pooey pooey. Meanwhile, Ken is performing acts of heroism.

And from a pal in this morning's e-post, another contribution to the discussion of the Monster Carboot Sale Of Items With Questionable Provenance --

Something has to be said.


An Open Letter to eBay,

I would like to call attention to an increasing trend on the eBay auction site: the large-scale sale of Bootleg CD, and DVDs. More importantly, this is going on virtually unchecked.

As I write this; an eBay search on "Springsteen DVD" returned 88 auctions. The vast majority were bootlegs; meaning either an audience member recording, or in the recent case of Sophie B. Hawkins [Cite article cited on DGM] material the artist has recorded, but has not released. They range from professionally pressed Discs complete with professional artwork, to the sale of CD-R and DVD-R discs; blanks, available at any computer store. The technology is readily available to anyone with a computer with the sufficient hardware.

In the past, eBay policed the sale of material that violated the rights of the artist. As a five year member of eBay member with a 100% rating; I once attempted to auction a legitimately released, non-bootleg Bruce Springsteen CD; a 3-inch CD Single. It was removed immediately; flagged as a bootleg. Completely forgivable, an honest mistake. But something has changed. eBay is now bursting with illegal music and video for sale. I use 'sale' deliberately; while eBay is an auction site, it does include a 'Buy It Now' function such that if one wishes, they can bypass the auction process.

Perhaps there is some confusion as to what is and what is not Bootleg. It would not seem difficult however, given Springsteen's recorded catalog, to surmise that auctions labeled "BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: This Is Your Life: Nine DVD SET!" and "SHEA STADIUM 4/10/03 Two DVD set WOW!" are not legitimate releases from Mr. Springsteen's catalog.

I do not speak for Mr. Springsteen, but it would seem that even the casual fan is aware that he has fought the bootleggers in court; [cite England Case]

Essentially, every Springsteen show is recorded without permission. The technology is now such that very high quality audio and video can be obtained from easily concealable recorders. The

While the recorders might be easy to hide, the sale of the Bootleg material on eBay is proudly displayed for all to see. He is by no means alone in this. A search of many other popular artists will often return illegal CDs and DVDs.

I have attempted to speak to eBay about this, but they are one of several Corporations they have become exceedingly difficult to contact. The 'Help' section is anything but. A contact phone number? I'm still looking. The only recorse for someone reporting a Bootleg is a standard form, which when submitted, generates an automatic reply Thanking me for the information; and then -- nothing.

This is theft. And eBay is indeed assisting buyers and seller who wish to engage in this theft. What has changed?

There is hope; a recent decision involving [Cite RF cited article on Sophie B. Hawkins].

21.16 Frustration. Wonderment. Joy. A wonderful mid-day's fun playing with Jeff & Ken before Adrian took over for the rest of the afternoon. For me, packing.

Excitements: Marlon Prantybuttox of StudioEno e-mailed the two latest edits of F&E III tracks by Brian.

An early dinner with Jeff & Ade & Martha & Leah Belewbeloid before returning to abandon the DP installation & dribble.