31 March 2010

London Rising at at Minxie



Rising at 06.20 at Minxie Towers in Chiswick I...




Taxi at 07.30 with the same driver, from Kosovo, who was yesterday playing Turkish music. Today he opted for the commercial radio station Magic. Well. What’s in a name? First song up, as we drove into Acton, was Solsbury Hill. Moving associationally along, this took me back to the first musical undertaking (August-September 1976) after emerging from Sherborne House in July 1976.

Peter Gabriel I was recorded in Toronto & produced by Bob Ezrin. The only person who can produce Peter is Peter, so any other producer is, at best, second best. Bob E would not have been the producer that I would have envisioned as a good production choice for Peter; but then, neither was Peter’s second producer.

Solsbury Hill is a stunning song, a Gabriel classic. The guitar parts are played by Steve Hunter a wonderful, accomplished, all-round American guitarist. I had nothing to add to the track after Steve’s superb & fitting contribution, although I would love to be on it. (Similarly, Ashes To Ashes: I’d love to be on that too, and tried - but anything I added was superfluous). When you have nothing to say, better to say nothing – and get out of the way of what does need to be said, especially when it’s being said well already.

10.08    For any DGM visiting innocents who would like an alternative view of the Guitar Craft Completion / Guitar Circle I / OCG III course.


21.05    From a Crafty Of The Early Years, on circulating…

It took me fifteen, more like twenty years, before I had an inkling of a clue of what was meant by this, and that's after being at a half dozen courses, spending years with the New Work Groups, etc.
You know how many circulations I've been in where the players disappear and the note plays itself? One. During a NJGC meeting in 2000. But it really, actually happened, the quality of experience is mine.
Even the quality of experience doesn't guarantee we can take what happens and use 26 different letters to convey that experience.

This COTEY believes his comment has little worth. I disagree: sometimes the power is in the witness we bring to bear.

More than quite enough today.

21.45    Minxie Mansions, Chiswick.