09 September 2000

In Glasgow Toyahs appearance on

In Glasgow, Toyah's appearance on the Saturday morning BBC TV show should have recently ended. In New Jersey, the sky is blue with a slight haze, it's pleasantly cool, and the sound of traffic from the nearby highway never stops.

Good comments over breakfast. These are rarely bright opinions but comments from experience.

My own two solutions to the insuperable problems of The Right Hand:

1. Send them to Curt;
2. Whenever anyone asks me a question about their right hand, accompany it with a $20 bill.

Personal meetings from 10.00

The personal meetings so far have had less to do with The Right Hand than usual. Hooray!

This classic from a personal meeting with one of the more experienced Team, from when they were courting the woman that became their wife. The Crafty took his woman to a Frippertronics show at Washington Square Church (July 1981). Anyone familiar with Crim/RF might immediately rush to judgement: this is not a relationship destined to last beyond the following morning. However, the opposite was the case. In later years she said to him: "I thought you must have something very deep in your soul to get something out of that noise".

My last two personal meetings. The volunteer performance team will shortly be going over to the Bikers For Jesus.

The centre of many personal meetings has been how to begin to establish an interior architecture. A recommended approach is:

Begin & end the day with definition, intention & love.
Establish hourly points of certainty & contact throughout the day.
Establish the morning sitting.

If an evening sitting is possible, even better; but the morning is key. There are energies made naturally available through the process of sleep & which enable us to actively engage in the early morning, before the world wakes up, begins to think, and send out vast clouds of negativity into the psychic atmosphere.

With this in place, something else becomes possible.

Crippling heat has returned. Coughing fits continue, less frequently.

Shortly, my last dinner & meeting with the course before flying home tomorrow. This course has been a turning point. "Gifts were made" this week, but well beyond a frequency range where I can know what they were. But, I have a sense of one that was given to me.