22 August 2003

DGM SoundWorld The Morning Shift


DGM SoundWorld.

The Morning Shift. Where Vicar & Punk wilt, collapse & flee from The Endless Crim, into the breach move David & Robert. We take on what wiser counsel advises against. Frying Pan is now cooking. Yes! amphamagoricism lives!

11.49 David has emerged from a pile of spaghetti with the story that in his garage he has a patch bay. David has also set up a pair of NHT Pro M-00 powered monitors, as used by Machine, on top of our PMC speakers.

In the DGM office Laura's e-mails are under attack from a virulent virus. Alex is clambering around the roof space and has emerged with the pair of little Auratone speakers from my days in NYC, and also my first hi-fi amplifier - a Leak Delta 70. And this morning I have been playing a Les Paul, acquired from David Sylvian via John Sinks.

12.19 TCOL without Vocaliste. We have no track on the 2000 Eurotour recordings of the vocal effect that Ade uses on several songs.

12.39 VROOOM is now driving along, remorselessly. Announcing the inevitability, that repercussions from our choices & actions arrive to say hello, is delivered in almost good cheer. This is a powerful little adolescent Crim unit.

15.30 Bert Lams is visiting Broad Chalke on holiday.with Tilly, his daughter. Given the choice between Hawaii & Broad Chalke, Tilly opted for the place of her youthful arising.

VROOOM is now vroooming forwards.

16.21 This period of Crimson, 1999-2003, will be viewed in retrospect as being as rich & inventive as any of the other periods.

17.03 Hopefully Hughie will be able to post the recent Diary entries. LTIA IVnow up.

20.05 Several more G4 crashes have taken the last few comments on our work. There are now 11 improvs for Heavy ConstruKction: The Movie.

20.30 Crim Chill Thrill from San Sebastian is now moving gently forwards.