Friday 23 May 2003

DGM SoundWorld David amp Robert


DGM SoundWorld.

David & Robert are listening to Soundscapes, from the World Financial Center & Newlyn Church, in surround sound. It is gorgeous, and I am in a sonic womb.

Part of our morning has been used dealing with responding to the latest venting of rudeness & animosity from Bleater the Sour, former Crim of reliable hostility. And, for me, piles of stuff that have accumulated in my absence.

18.11 A source close to Bleater The Sour has called David to inform us that Bleater has no substantive issue with the Virgin audit, but that Bleater lives alone and writes inflammatory letters to lots of people to attract attention. He suggests that Bleater's current bleating is just that - an attempt to get attention. I am not anticipating that this source will be putting their comments in writing.

In Transactional Analysis this approach to getting attention is called "kick psychology". If people don't give us the attention we know we deserve because of our innate grace, attractiveness & self-apparent worth as a human being, perhaps our towering creative achievements that the world has failed to fully recognise, we attract their attention instead by kicking them. Their response in turn may not be pleasant, but at least we have their attention.

Where there is a formal business connection as with Bleater, and in a connected age of electronic communications where deflammatory comments are easily made and widely broadcast, some formal response is necessary. Regrettably, dealing & relationships with other former Crims have been complicated & prejudiced by Bleater's intentionally mischievous activities. If the source close to Bleater is to be believed, this is sufficient validation for Bleater's bleating. Astonishing.

Also this afternoon: I have been hustled to do an interview with a Russian paper that I have already declined. David was himself hustled extensively to pressure him to pressure me. Today, I was pressured directly.

The interview will not sell tickets in Russia, I am told by the hustler. Which is fine by me: interviews directed purely to promotion are pretty joyless. Occasionally, I have been sufficiently arrogant to believe I have something useful to say, and then have used an opportunity of "promotional" interviewing to say it. Presently, this is not that time. Having nothing to say that cannot be better said elsewhere, or left unsaid, I have declined interviewing.

So, why the hustle? Perhaps were I to do this interview, it would in some way support the position of the person hustling me. It is rare nowadays that, when I have firmly said no, that I am hustled to say yes.

Now, final decisions are taken with D Half-Baldy Singleton regarding future moves for DGM, and I'm about-to-be-becoming off to Bredonborough.