DGM HQ Yowch Turning over
Tuesday 06 September 2005

DGM HQ Yowch Turning over



Yowch! Turning over on the floor in the early hours - snick! My back slipped out. Those who suffer recurrent back problems know well the dangers of small behaviours. Like cleaning teeth. And turning over in the night.

Reference CDs of Exposure have arrived from Simon Heyworth.

Preparing the sleevenotes of Affirmations.

12.56 Affirmations: assembling a re-vibrated running-order following several listenings in various locations.

18.53 A busy day working on various aspects of Affirmations.

20.26 The Late Shift is underway in SoundWorld I. The Vicar is in, fine-tuning Love Cannot Bear.

21.10 An inbox of 103 & AOL crashes every time I open it. Pooey pooey.

22.02 The Vicar suggested that a space on Love Cannot Bear (the title track) was space available for a guitar solo. A guitar solo was not something I anticipated, but the Vicar is like that. Now, the solo is done, and using a guitar sound that I have begun to adopt on several projects in recent months: an unaffected, straight sound - no chorus, overdrive, fuzz. A small, quiet voice.

This is no longer the young man who stood & presented his view, speaking out & boldly with burning fuzz. This is the voice of an older man, one who has engaged with the world and knows the kicks & pricks of life; now, a small & quiet voice, one which speaks when invited & then presenting a considered opinion in response.

22.54 Dribble. A good day. Forward movement, although I can't feel it moving forward. But I know it is.

David told me today that DGM has given me money, and this for the first time in the 12-13 years of the company's existence. This is forward movement, without a doubt.