Sunday 11 January 2004

Bredonborough The sun is shining



The sun is shining through a mostly blue sky. This follows a grey, blustery & damp morning.

15.14 The sky is now grey again; damp & cold.

18.40 From the KrimsonNews Guestbook --

Also, WRT the KC copyrights, someone had, at the time of the Virgin reissues, enquired as to why the new copyright notice was in RF's name alone. I seem to recall (I don't have access to the Fripp Files at the moment) that RF had letters from all KC members (except Peter S.) giving him something close to power of attorney to act on their behalf in re: the KC catalog. RF has also written about the difficulties of getting (even subsets) of the Greater Crim together to discuss any sort of business issues. So my suspicion is that RF holds copyright to act as a "business agent" for the catalog materials. The fine details of what might be a hideously complex contract between all members of the Greater Crim remain in shadow --

The copyright notice was made in RF's name alone for three primary reasons:

1. RF was the only person who took legal action & served a High Court writ;
2. Virgin considered RF "a safe pair of hands" (I was told by a well-placed Virgin person);
3. It was not anticipated that effective control of the copyrights (i.e. that they could, or might, be licensed to anyone other than Virgin/EMI) would ever take place. Then the world turned.

21.24 The Sun & Moon.

I have taken a break from practising & hooray! Mary & George are back from holidaying on the Devon-Dorset border. There is no music, only the murmur of locals.