Wednesday 20 June 2012

Bredonborough Rising from nightadventures with



Rising from night-adventures with the Minx. Always welcome, these. But –oh no! – we were in a bar/lounge and the carry-bag of master tapes were not with us at our next location. Returning to the bar, they were not to be found. Waking from this at 05.45, and not quite shaking it off.

Rising to the growing sense of a one-year The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists course. When might this be? In the shower, in response to enquiry, a time-frame presented itself.

The gardeners are in, the further gentle-transformation of the garden underway.

Over the sunny street I…






… to World HQ…


… and morning reading I…




09.34    The Seven Assumptions For Work In the Circle…

Common Practice
Playing In Tune
Playing In Time

… have Common Practice as the Fourth Assumption. Why is a common practice important?

A common practice provides a context of ongoing experience which we all share.
A common language develops to express our mutual, ongoing-experiencing.
This enables us to communicate our experience in a clear and straightforward manner.
This moves from discussing what we do, to how and why we do it.

That is, a common practice establishes a foundation for a group of people, working together over time, to speak to each other with increasing definition, clarity and certainty of their experience.
In speaking of your experience, you address my experience.
In better understanding your practice, I better understand my own.

Without a common, shared practice we may have “meaningful discussions”; but, without each party understanding what the party means, closer to meaning-light discussions.

Playing the guitar is something we do.
Being a guitarist is someone we become.
Whether we will become a guitarist, or not, is something else again.

11.06    Typed in the i-Calendar, on a particular date a little way from now: ONE YEAR OCG COURSE BEGINS?

More new arisings…

From: Tuning The Air
Date: June 19, 2012 12:36:19 PM PDT
Subject: Tuning the Air and the Seattle Creative Arts Center

It has been 6 months since Tuning the Air was performed for the last time. For those of us who were a part of it, it seems like only yesterday, and at the same time it feels like it has been a lifetime.

Perhaps you are wondering what the Tuning the Air team has been up to since then? On Saturday June 30 you will have an opportunity to get some answers.

Tuning the Air founding members Chris and Meleah Gibson have opened the Seattle Creative Arts Center, located on Market Street in Ballard. It is a fabulous facility, and on June 30 from 4-10pm everyone is invited to an Open House. There will be tours of the Center, refreshments, and LIVE MUSIC.

And yes, some of that music will be provided by familiar Tuning the Air faces! For instance:

Sgt Bones. Continuing their uniquely Bonesian interpretations of music of all sorts. Featuring Greg Meredith, Mary Beth Abel, Carl Germain and Darlene Franz.

Definitely String Quartet. Jaxie Binder, Bob Williams, Carl Germain and Curt Golden, performing guitar quartet arrangements of works by Beethoven, Ives, Correlli, and others.

Chris Gibson/Travis Metcalf Duo. Guitar duets from two of Tuning the Air’s founding members.

Third Law. Bob Williams, Igor Abuladze, Travis Metcalf in this screaming fusion and funk band.

Also performing this evening are long-time Seattle Circle members, and friends of Tuning the Air:

C3 with Steve Ball, Paul O’Rear, Nathan Grigg, Chuck Randall, and Stephen Thompson, with special guests including Jaxie Binder.

Birds May Bite, featuring Scott Adams.

Please drop in, for a few minutes or the whole evening. It is going to be a whole lot of fun.
Saturday June 30, 2012
4pm to 10pm
Seattle Creative Arts Center (map)
2601 NW Market St
Seattle WA 98107
All Ages and Admission is FREE!

12.05    Well…


16.20    Home for lunch by the back door. Returning to World HQ…


In response to an enquiry regarding an exercise introduced at the recent GC course in Massachusetts…

part of the intention? this is an interesting one. quick answer: no. longer answer: how could it be otherwise?

sometimes i walk into the Circle with an idea of what it will be, and then everything moves another way, very quickly. quicker than i can think about it, so i trust what seems to be necessary, and follow. an improvising musician doesn't have time to think about what they're doing, they follow where Music leads. the particulars are determined by the form of the practice, the common practice being created by the participants…

but that's rationalisation. what i feel is that the Exercises are coming to life, and taking on specific forms for the people using them… the Buzz Whizz invented itself at Camp Caravan, as a variant of the Whizz, which invented itself at Sant Cugat. i remember the first Circulation in Claymont barn, and it coming to life as i looked at it: it showed how transmission takes place.

Music so wishes to be heard that is sometimes calls on unlikely characters to give it voice...

the story, of JGB saying at sherborne - you know that i don't know what i'm doing - makes complete sense to me. good for a trained musician to know what they do, but not to do what they know! we take the leap, trusting the process, with sufficient experience to handle crash landings as well as soft.

sunshine arrived in bredonborugh on sunday for a bit, and then more on monday. it feels as if Spring began and something new is in the air.

16.49    A tv company wants to interview me about love and marriage for a proposed BBC TV4 programme.

Off to local neighbours for a trip on their boat.

20.52    Upstream on the Avon I…




… through the lock and past the Piddle…


… to a spontaneous visit with the former next-door friends of our boating-neighbours, who had moved to their riverside property only six weeks ago.

Toyah has been on this river for fifty years, being brought to the Willcox family boat at the Piddle Boat Club…


… when Tiny Willcox was very tiny. The Minx is a confident and reliable sailor I…




Returning home up the street from our river-trip c. 19.30, we found another local pal, a property-restoration person, working away with two others on a shop front, then nearly three hours after the formal end of their working day. We carried over drinks and strawberries. This seemed to rejuvenate their spirits. Another wonderful spontaneous pal-encounter of the Bredonborough kind.

A walk around the town I…




… and now to gentle. WillyFred is awaiting adoration.