Tuesday 11 October 2011

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A fact of life?
:: Posted by nikgreen on October 09, 2011
All the talk of UMG coupled with general climate of corporate parasitism and bankster shenanigans that are infecting the world, brings to mind the immortal quote by Hunter S. Thompson: "The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side." I tend to agree with him...

But the music industry is not the only culprit... more than likely, anyone who has ever had to tangle with the military-industrial-entertainment complex has been robbed. No conspiracy is required, just human nature at work…

I am not able to comment with any authority on the dealings of Mr. Nikgreen’s malfeasors, other than the industry referred to by HST’s appraisal. And, as that is the field of my own lengthy, hands-dirtied endeavouring, I feel able to post a small selection of reports from the trenches. Can we extrapolate the likely characteristics of Power Possessors in other areas? Probably, but I don’t know the people, haven’t had the backstage conversations, wasn’t in the room when the cocaine was going around, didn’t hear the lies being told and the threats being made, didn’t witness the flattery and manipulations. In the music industry lives are damaged, but not many lost, as a direct result of the lamentable failures of its Power Possessors. To this extent, Hunter ST is exaggerating; although I am aware of two suicides as a direct result of music industry smelly-practices.

The nature of personal corruption, how good people do bad things, why bad people might do good things – and who is irremediably bad? - how actions are undertaken by authority figures without consideration for likely effects on lowly others: these are issues that have drawn my attention for many years.

My library is growing with various approaches and attempts at explanation: theological, sociological, psychological, philosophical, and other -icals and –isms as well. Of one thing we may be sure: there is an element in human behavior which is not properly deserving of the word human. In theological terms, this is the entry of sin into the energy field of the race: the Fall From Grace. Something went wrong, that wrongness entered the time stream, and we continue to deal with the repercussions. So, although it must be obvious that we poor people are unable to act rightly, we continue to maintain the fiction that we are somehow able to act responsibly, even in accordance with conscience. Yet access to conscience is already a significant achievement, and does not come about by happy accident.

And what is sin, other than a word designed to glaze over the eyes of any reasonable person with a/n humanist education? Perhaps, in a sentence, the notion that It’s all about me! Alternatively, I have the right to do as I want! This fundamental egotism: the world was created for me! Once we are in a position of power over others, clearly, these smaller creatures were created to serve me, and the fruit of their labour is mine to exploit. Actually, it’s mine already!

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The Good Works of Dr. SG Alder are seemingly in expansionist mode…
The Woodard Corporation
The primary objects of the charity, as set out in the Memorandum of Association, are to promote and extend education in the doctrines and principles of the Church through any or all of the following means: supporting schools which attach fundamental importance to these principals; promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of the schools of the Corporation; promoting the use of facilities of the schools of the Corporation by the wider community.
Professional Advisers
Auditors Grant Thornton
The Rt Revd Dr A J Russell (President), Mr T D Fremantle (Chairman), Canon D R Bilton, Mr Richard Knight, Mr S G Alder, Ms L Ayres, Revd Prebendary L Barley, The Revd Canon B Clover, Mr Anthony Jarvis, Mr R Mansell, Mr C Mowat, Mr J H Smith, Mr Roy Maurice Wisdom, Rear Admiral Sir Robert Woodward
Mr Michael Corcoran (Director of Finance)
Investment Policy
The Memorandum and Articles of Association of Woodward and its subsidiary schools permit funds to be invested in such manner as the directors see fit, providing that such powers of investment are only exercised for the purpose of attaining the objects and in a manner that is legally charitable…

In a handwritten letter to me, in 1991, the then SG Alder Esq. wrote: I am an honest, God-fearing family man. I was not in doubt that Mr. Alder had a family, although I had seen no indication of a spiritual aspiration. Mr. SG Alder’s field of interest was military history, in keeping with his seeming willingness to litigate and threaten. This is the first example I know of Mr. Alder seeking to promote and extend education in the doctrines and principles of the Church.

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