30 July 2012

Bredonborough An autumnal scent in




An autumnal scent in the air, now for perhaps the fourth or fifth day. Surprising: this is at least a month early.

Morning reading…


10.12    Car packed, cakes acquired on the High Street…


… and preparing to set off.

15.28    DGM HQ.

Leaving Bredonborough c. 10.35. The Minx was not a happy Minx to see her husband leaving, yet again.

Arriving c. 13.05 I…




… and loading  in.

A kitchen-conversation with David, returning from lunch at home down the road. A quick catching-up across a range of items.

Now in DGM SouldWorld II with David and Mr. Stormy…


… beginning with a 2012 track, sent from a pal and collaborator.

Now into listening mode: a special CD for inclusion in the about-to-be-becoming fabbo Larks’ Tongues In Aspic – The Awful Truth: Unvarnished And Newly Varnished In Stereo & Surround, Glued & Unglued Box Set. The special CD is something like a making of the LTIA album documentary. Working title: Keep That One, Nick! Conversations and banter between the players in Command Studios with each other and Nick the engineer.

David mentioned to Declan Panegyric that we had 19 hours of multi-tracks from the early-1973 Command Studios LTIA recording sessions. What might we find within? And in this simple manner David commited himself to producing an additional CD for the box – in one week! I am not the best person to judge the value of KC out-takes and in-process commentary, although some of the exchanges between the players are very funny, and Jamie’s arsenal of kitchenware and baking pans is a triumph of inspired clatterage. But it was suggested that my ears should know the joy before the CD was committed to inclusion in The Rapidly-Growing LTIA Box Of Wonder, Terror And Bliss Arising. 

Now moving through various takes of LTIA Part One, the basic drum and bass tracks. Wonderful clanking of Jamie and his kitchen implements. The guitarist is not doing well, but he is playing to support the rhythm section, anticipating his final parts in overdubs.

And, nerdy info, this is being typed on Mountain Lion, the new Mac OS.

15.59    Easy Money being werned and squirtled, with an alternative guitar part. When we had chosen the main backing track, Nick Engineer made a mistake and erased about five and a half bars of Bill’s drums. Bill heroically went back in and played blind to replace his part, a considerable achievement in pre-clicktrack days.

16.18    Book Of Saturday and the intro to Exiles (Mantra from the beginning of Travel Weary Capricorn of 1969 Crim).

16.20 Talking Drum.

16.54    Overall, an interesting alternative take on the process. Rather like uncovering earlier outlines and rubbings-out beneath a classic painting; or, David’s analogy, sketches of the final work. For me, I’m happy to look at the completed picture and don’t need to see what lies beneath the surface of the canvas that I knew as blank. But the Sidney Smith is in a lather of fan furore, Declan is a happy boy, so I am fine to concur with this history-of-the-process.

An interesting comment from David Enthoven to David Singleton, from a recent visit to ie Management in London: When Jamie left, we thought it was over.

17.58    An e-mail has come in from Mr. Alexander Cheparukhin…

I am at WOMAD now on Peter Gabriel’s invitation - not far from DGM. Until Monday morning.

With my friend, I have started a new project… We’re very eager to talk to you. It will take only 30-40 minutes of your time. Ideally we can do this any time on Monday 30 July, but if it’s impossible - we anyway stay in London until 13h July and we can drive to you any time.
In return, I sent Mr. Cheparukhin this e-mail: Are you the promoter of the King Crimson Festival? A past reference to the mis-named festival in the Diary…

Tuesday, 10th November 2009

15.21    A portion of today’s conspicuous deception…

9/11/2009 | Moscow News №43 2009
Seventies flashback
Vladimir Kozlov
King Crimson Festival
November 10, 9 pm, B1 Maximum, 11 Ul. Ordzhonikidze,
m. Leninsky Prospekt

Although it wasn’t easy for King Crimson’s records to make it through the Iron Curtain in the 1970s, the band had a cult following here thanks to tape copies of iconic albums including "Islands" and "Larks’ Tongues in Aspic". Not surprisingly, many old fans have remained devoted to the band and are eager to attend any show related to King Crimson. The first King Crimson Festival took place in Moscow last year, and now it is to be an annual event.

To the dismay of some fans, the legendary British progressive rock band itself isn’t actually taking part in the fest, but one of King Crimson’s current members - singer and guitarist Adrian Belew - is to perform with his side project, the Adrian Belew Power Trio. Their set is expected to be the fest’s main highlight. Belew, who has been a King Crimson member since the band was formed by guitarist Robert Fripp and drummer Michael Giles in 1969, is known for participation in many other projects. And while King Crimson is currently in a phase of semi-activity, Belew has been quite focused on touring and recording with his trio…

Another notable artist scheduled to appear is Eddie Jobson, a violinist and keyboardist who collaborated with King Crimson in the 1970s. He didn’t have a high-profile presence in King Crimson, playing violin and electric piano on studio overdubs for 1975’s live album "USA", but was quite well known as a member of Jethro Tull, a collaborator with Frank Zappa and, later, a participant in the supergroup U.K. in the late 1970s…

The second King Crimson Festival?  Understandably, fans are dismayed that KC is not playing there. But that’s what happens when deceit is employed to extract the hard-earned pay of music of fans & enthusiasts, and probably just about anyone misled by false claims for providing a particular good or service.

May we note: Ade has been a Crim since 1981, not 1969; and is a worthy participant in any festival, including one with a Crimson colouration. Eddie has my professional respect, and has never been a Crim. The extent of Eddie’s participation was one session in 1975, to replace a dodgy violin part. This is rather stretching related to King Crimson; more I knew someone from the family & had a drink with them, once. But even two performers of this calibre & their exceptional bands do not constitute a King Crimson Festival. 

Friends of KC as the festival was formerly named? Kinda OK, depending on the specific details of who & how many Best Friends are taking part. But an annual KC Festival? This is dishonest & misleading and the promoter knows it. But, not all the fans are as knowing as he; and perhaps they have greater concern that the festival honour the name being invoked.

18.19    The telephone rang a few minutes after the e-mail was sent, with Mr. Cheparukhin on the ‘phone. I transferred the call to David.

David has relayed the main points of their conversation to me…

AC:    Is Robert angry with me?
DS:    Robert controls the name King Crimson and doesn’t like anyone using it without his permission.

Mr. Russian Promoter Alexander (Sasha) Cheparukhin explained: Eddie Jobson and Adrian Belew had persuaded him to use the name. And then: If it wasn’t called the King Crimson Festival no-one would come! And there we have it. The sunshine of truth broke through the clouds.

David suggested that Mr. Cheparukin write to Robert.

20.33    David left c. 19.00…


… and an evening computing ahead here.


22.48    Enough.