Tuesday 28 July 2009

Bredonborough A call to Toyah



A call to Toyah around 01.10 this early-morning, to leave a message. She had just landed in Seattle & was reading my e-report of visiting Beric yesterday evening. T had to switch off to go through procedures, and called back c. 01.30. Discussion of the current situation.


Rising at 07.45, a day ahead.


13.10     An early-call to a local family firm of Bredonborough funeral directors & a quick visit to them at 09.50, discussing overall options.

En route to Worcester Hospital, a visit to the Post Office & collecting an undelivered parcel: the manuscript of Dr. Kevin Dawe’s The New Guitarscape, to read & prepare a preface, Arriving at the hospital, time is needed to find parking: this is healthcare on an industrial scale. Barbara had been allowed to park on the double yellow. Arriving in Beric’s ward at 10 47.

Barbara was sitting by Beric’s side, maintaining the vigil until older daughter Nicola, a health professional, arrives this evening, No conversation is necessary for me here; I am happy sitting quietly, maintaining a presence & holding the space, in this part, this time & place, of a sacred process.

I note, there is help & protection available when flying-away approaches. T, Nicky, Frank, Kim & myself (the cancelled clinic made it possible for me to fly in) have all been enabled to be close to Beric.

If we wonder what a conscious moment might mean, then perhaps a taste of this arrives in the presence of a close friend / family, knowing they are dying, that time is short but the end is unknown. We are present in each moment, because we have to be. If we lose this moment, we lose our friend. Edges become sharp, sounds become clear. The presence of dying gives life its power. A Crafty described the time when their Mother had died, and they were walking down a street, every detail in sharp focus. This is a taste of being conscious. This is living with Death on our shoulder.

Leaving Beric & Barbara at 12.30, returning home to report to T, arriving back c. 12.50.

13.50    T called at 13.30, or 03.30 in Seattle. I presented my report & T her own sense of the process. Overall: my view is that Beric’s consciousness is connected to his body, but is not in his body. All around Bredonborough & in our garden we see Beric, in all the small everyday situations of shopping, popping in to say hello, mooring his boat at the end of the garden.

Beric has asked for cremation: we will overrule him, and he won’t be in a position to argue about it. For now, we are very happy that Dad will be able to receive a Christian burial in his village church where, in the fullness of time, Toyah hopes to be laid to rest; she will either join me, or wait for me to arrive later.


A front door call for the KevinMobile at 14.00.

16.52    Heathrow Terminal Three.

The KevinMobile arrived 3 minutes early, and I went out the door 2 minutes late…


Good journeying to Heathrow Terminal Three, arriving c. 16.05. A straightforward bag drop, security clearance & now sitting, computing, in reflective mood, with a modest CaffeItalia by my left hand, looking towards Sant Cugat & the continuing series of performances, considering what is needed during the next three days.

21.45 Monasterio Nuestra Señora De Los Angeles / Monjas Dominicas
Mare de Deu del Roser, 2.
Sant Cugat (08174),

A cabin filled by a tour-party of pubescent Iberians with a few old codgers in between. Teenage mayhem…


Into the SergyMobile I…




At the front door of the monastery, Hernan swiftly brought me up to date on current arisings, prior to his leaving for this evening’s LCG rehearsals. A member of the Team has left, the member who was angry at Monday breakfast for the inequality between those in various roles. This was also the person who felt GC was a school aimed at developing an elite. Yesterday’s evening-off was celebrated fully, Hernan relates, even with some karaoke adventures in town.

Various ensembles are currently rehearsing in various rooms.

It is very, very hot.


All in all, a Guitar Craft day off.

Night Views I…