Tuesday 19 November 2002

Today at the Vicarage The

Today at the Vicarage : The Vicarage

The first entry in ten days. My reader will be disappointed. I have achieved the inverse marketing trick of reducing a readership of ten thousand to a big fat zero. But I can restrain myself no longer, I have News, News, News.

News Part One. Ozzie Richardson has completed the proposed Vicar Bible for Channel 4 - and I survive the entire first episode without being required to sodomize Punk or otherwise debase myself. Not that I would have refused, of course. I will do anything in the name of money.

News Part Two. Punk is even now locked in my spare bedroom, crooning his songs into a DAT machine. Bob the butcher did threaten to shoot him with a shot gun if he did not shut the window, but I doubt that will dissuade him. It would seemt that music is so desperate to come into this world that it has even chosen Punk as a conduit - despite the fact that he can neither song or play the guitar.

News Part Three. Congratulations to Peter Sinfield on writing the lyrics for the 45th best selling UK single of all time. I gather from his email announcing the event, that the presenter/public claimed never to have heard this song, so there must be over a million very forgetful souls. Or perhaps it was the lyrics... Still I am sure that the cheque was, and continues to be, of the fat variety. Rather like my reader.