Monday 31 March 2003

Today at the Vicarage The

Today at the Vicarage : The Vicarage.

10.30 am. David Singleton, the Tall Pointy One, is still in royalty hell, and did not welcome my enquiries concerning progress on the "about to be becoming website". It is still too easy for all at DGM to be mired in the treacly trenches of the mundane - although I approve of anyone who pays money to struggling artists. I think this is the sixth time that the Tall Pointy One has done the royalties "for the last time". What price a seventh?

I have just had a lengthy call with Vincent, the singer in my very first band, who I met at Saturday's college reunion. He went on to become a "strategy consultant", was a partner in Anderson Consulting (as was, before Enron caused its demise). He points our that the "lucky partners", once their liabilities are deducted from the earnings, will have earned slightly less over the last ten years that the Tesco checkout assistants.

He could have worked for free all these years at the DGM Charity.

He complimented me on my speech, which was "annoyingly good". A very British combination of words. It may have been annoying. I doubt it was good. Why, I wonder, do the British prefer to glory in failure rather than success? Perhaps, I was chosen from the many luminaries who attended the dinner (I was apparently selected by the fellows) because of my significant lack of success.....and there I was thinking that it was because I still hold on to the dream.