Friday 09 March 2001

Today at the Vicarage The

Today at the Vicarage : The Betsy, London.

Why do we fool ourselves that a holiday will refresh the parts that other beers cannot reach? A few wonderful days in deepest Essex – beyond the reach of cyberspace – and yet I feel more tired today than in recent memory. The two days spent in the studio at DGM on Wednesday and Thursday were highly charged, and should supply energy for at least two weeks – even if Fripp taunted me with fine cups of Earl Grey tea, while offering to introduce me to a pitiful caffeine free drink called 'Horlicks'.

As far as I know, without becoming obsessive about the contents of my food and drink, I remain caffeine free. And extremely tired. I trust the two are not related. I remember once meeting someone who drank hot water with a dash of milk. I trust that is not to be my feeble dribbling caffeine free future.

I have spent the day beginning my research into 'alternative' cancer cures. The theories and stories are diverse. The relative absence of breast cancer in Japan leads to theories about the lack of dairy produce, or presence of soya produce. There are the better known theories about apricot kernels – which have apparently been tested by the NCI and found wanting. If my friend is to undergo chemotherapy, I find it difficult to believe that there will not at the very least be diets that will help her body to cope.

I am naturally a sceptic, but I have spoken with someone, whose word I would believe without question, who has offered an introduction to a psychic, who has helped him in very real ways in the past. I have no idea where this search will lead.

I shall read the guestbook with interest, lest there are those who travelled this road before who might wish to share their knowledge.