Monday 09 July 2001

Today at the Vicarage The

Today at the Vicarage : The Vicarage

How to persuade a fading rock star that he is becoming more than a little embarrassing. I have now received the rough mixes for the proposed album by…..Lord Crappenleigh, let us say. A fine drummer, but certainly not the right singer for the songs he has written. And this is not a question of subjective taste. One based on the rather more objective art of intonation. And lack of interest. And lack of personality (in the voice, not the person himself, as he has a very strong personality). And of questionable schoolboy lyrics. He could have had any guest singer in the world on his album, but yet he insists on singing all the songs himself. A noble attempt, maybe, but not one that will endear him to music lovers around the world. I can understand that he might wish to sing them live, but his flat monosyllabic delivery is most unwelcome in my living room.

I do, of course, accept his artistic right to make a fool of himself if he so wishes, but I have been asked my honest opinion, and will have to give it. Although I know he does not want it. I have no doubt that the reviewers will be brutally honest. It is easy to see how cocooned these stars become. I have spoken with the other musicians, his manager, and some of his friends, all of who share my opinion and have not said a word to him, other than in praise.

He is perhaps a victim of his own temper, as that is undoubtedly what is preventing his friends from telling him the truth. I can feel his hands clasping round my neck even as I rehearse a chosen word or two. Such matters are best dealt with promptly. My hand is reaching for the telephone even as my manic two finger typing taps out these last few lines.

A man of awesome talent, and a stunning album, with such an unnecessary flaw. I pray that the world will be more forthcoming in pointing out my many blind spots. Such as Arrogant, Egotistical, Ill mannered, Opinionated, and suggestions beginning with 'U' to round out the vowels.