20 October 2003

Today at the Vicarage The

Today at the Vicarage : The DVD FAQ – frequently awful questions.

It would seem that the blessing and curse of DGM is an enquiring fanbase, which questions all it does. Here are the answers to this morning's selection :

"There is no menu item I can find which allows you to select the audio program used".

Have faith, dearly bewildered, have faith. There is no audio menu on the second disc, because there are no audio options – the Bootleg footage has only stereo. The audio menu on the first disc is found by selecting "songlist", and then "audio menu".

"On the second disc, I noticed the video was slightly out of sync. By the time "Heroes" was playing, it was laughable".

I fear it is unlikely that this is a faulty disc – more likely a faulty player. Before coming to the pulpit, I tested "Heroes" on my DVD player and the sync was excellent. The audio and video are in separate files on a DVD, so it is possible for a player to upset the sync. This is most common on computers, where the audio can be delayed due to internal processing problems. If possible, I suggest you play this disc on a different DVD player.

"The sound drops suddenly at the start of VROOOM" This too, I fear, is a playback problem. I am advised that the most likely cause is that the DVD player is in "midnight" or "night time" mode, where the DVD player adds additional compression. Some surround sound processors also have compressors, which are automatically triggered to prevent overloading the speakers.

Is it too much to hope this might be an end to the list?