Tuesday 25 March 2003

Today at the Vicarage DGM

Today at the Vicarage : DGM Soundworld

10.02 am. I have arrived at the DGM Soundworld (the Grannymobile now sports two new gold plated deluxe reinforced front tyres), and am beginning to formulate ideas for a "Magic Paint" soundtrack CD. Singleton is locked away doing royalty calculations, so hopefully the music floating through will help to remind him what it is all about. The tall pointy one is taller and balder than I remember. Fortunately he has Laura to help him the darkness. It is possible DGM might not survive without Fripp and Singleton, but it is certain that it would nto survive without Laura.

It is increasingly clear that a large part of the future of DGM and King Crimson lies in the renewed website that has long been promised. While I am here, I shall goad the Tall Pointy One with vicious pointed sticks, and see if this can be moved a stage nearer to reality. A world of downloaded music, intimate webcams, diaries and other goodies awaits.

3.55 pm. Donbledore has phoned with a glowing report of the Krimfest in Seattle last night. "The best yet" he lied. Bill Rieflin and David Bottril were equally untruthful about the show in Vancouver the night before.

6.04 pm. The Tall Pointy One has sent an email to everyone involved in the web project. Perhaps the fire is finally beginning to burn.