02 February 2004

The Year of the Vicar

The Year of the Vicar : Week Five.

And what of weeks Three and Four, we wonder.

1. Chronicle the Third.

It exists. Hail hallelujah. I have read a complete draft. All that remains is a trip to Seattle, as Punk wishes to check a number of poorly remembered details. "Does this not constitute re-writing?" I ask. "No", I am assured, as he has left gaps in the relevant sections, so that they will be being written for the first and only time. Hmmm.

2. Songbook the First.

Michael Roze , hero, gave The Tall Pointy One, Punk and me three days tuition on Logic, the all powerful, all seeing creative one. A one minute mellotron ditty would already be assaulting the unsuspecting ears of e-users, if item three was advanced. An increasing number of crazed musicians have offered their services for Punk's bedroom recordings. The BigTime trio have four very good starting templates, Reagan's Polyp have offered their own Stars and Stripes slant, and Billy Pilgrim's arrival at DGM soundworld is eagerly awaited.

3 DGM subscription site.

Note to self : insert stick, investigate progress.

4. Bfpd.com.

Insert stick still further

5. New US distribution.

A contract is signed. The Fedex leaves today. Money shall flow. Riches beyond our wildest dreams are unlikely.

6.New European distribution

Declan's meetings with Pinnacle are complete. Boxes will be moved.

7.New Fripp collaborations.

Radical thinking on the future musical work, and time commitments of the guitar maestro. To which his own diary will no doubt testify.