Thursday 10 June 2004

Davids Diary It is half

David's Diary


It is half past ten at night. I could be in bed with my wife. I could be playing the piano. But no. I am here writing this diary for you. Another full day.


In reverse order, I have been :


clearing a piece of land for a child's blow up swimming pool (over sized paddling pool)

voting in the European elections

completing a running mix of The Bells

Visiting Toby Richards to listen to the surround sound for the 1980s KC DVD

Fighting the non- existent office email (server problems)

Reading in the newspaper about Cherie Blair's daliance with Ebay.


Starting from the bottom up, we continue to get a regular series of emails (until the server failed) about KC bootlegs on Ebay. If a day comes when energy can usefully be diverted from things artistic, then this may be addressed. Ebay's position (which is that they will not « police » their site) seems utterly unreasonable. If we were to follow their advice and monitor their site (and all the other international offshoots/competitors) it would become a full time, unpaid job. They are a big, large, profitable company, making money out of KC bootlegs, and yet they expect us to take on the work and expenditure. Hmmmm. It's too near bedtime to get hot under the collar. All further references to Ebay and/or Clear Channel (boo hiss) are banned.


As is the Bl**dy 80s KC DVD. For some reason this continues to be problematic. The surround sound on one track was mysteriously very left heavy. More work for next week. It is, however, within days, yes days, of completion, so the shop will be asking for more of your money to pay for the madness.


And so to the music. The Bells. A presentable rendition. I can imagine others. A totally acappella version has always appealled. But it feels right. And my wife likes it. A minor miracle. Only another 39 songs to do…..